by Kathryn Rose & Apryl Parcher

  • What’s the best way to incorporate a social plan into our traditional marketing efforts?
  • Which social platforms will work best for my business?
  • How does our website fit in?
  • Do we still need to blog?
  • Pitfalls to avoid?

Authors Apryl Parcher and Kathryn Rose answer these questions with a 7-step plan (based on real-world experience) for using social media marketing in your business. This easy-to-read book is not a “how-to” on specific platforms; it’s an overall strategy guide. Too many people rush into the wrong platform wasting precious energy and time. Do yourself a favor and read this book so you can plan before you dive into the social media marketing world.

In this book, you’ll get a big-picture overview of the top 5 social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & G+), and the role business content should play when incorporating one or more of them into your marketing strategy. It includes planning worksheets, success tips and insights, and interviews with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Featuring Tips From Experts Such As:

Chris Brogan

Lou Bortone

Amy Porterfield

Jesse Stay

Denise Wakeman

Rich Brooks

Chris Treadaway

Neal Shaffer

Viveka von Rosen

Laura Rubinstein

Pam Brossman

Ted Rubin

Janice Clark

Elaine Lindsay

Hollis Gillespie

Paul Mosenson

The Authors
Social Media Experts

Apryl Parcher

Kathryn Rose


  • Overview of Top 5 Social Media Platforms
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Case studies of business success
  • Action-step pages for developing your unique social media marketing plan
  • 12-month editorial calendar
  • Resource links and MORE!

“What a breath of fresh air is this book! At last someone talking strategy not tactics.”

~ Ronda Del Boccio, the Story lady

What People Are Saying

Great Information
Solving the Social Media Puzzle is a great book for anyone who really wants to understand how to incorporate social media into their business and their work. It starts from the very beginning (meaning, figuring out why you want to be involved in social media at all), unlike many other sources, which assume it’s the perfect fit for everyone. Then it steps through helping you figure out what platforms will support your goals and gives you an overall plan for making it work. Bravo Kathryn and Apryl – a great resource – well done!

~ P. Cooper, New York, NY

Must Read Social Media Book
Finally! Someone has written a social media book I will eagerly share with people who want to integrate social media into their marketing strategies. Kathryn’s style is engaging and fun. More importantly, she is “dead on” in her strategic guidance. This book gets 5 stars from me. I can’t wait to order several for my favorite clients!

~ Alicia Arenas

Get ready for a doable plan with measurable results!
…Solving the Social Media Puzzle is written by two women who not only know what they are talking about, but also how to carry out the learnings to get results.

Apryl Parcher —one of the coauthors— explains perfectly why getting into your prospect’s mind matters more than ever on the social web.

Her deftly written example of CIO Multitasker Mike not only speaks to the imagination, but clearly illustrates how building personas can also help b-2-b driven companies truly know their clients’ problems and how to solve them.

I recommend this book to anyone who still is puzzled by social media and is in desperate need of a clear, doable plan with measurable results.

~ Juan Felix

Buy this book, you WILL advance your business
First, I must admit, before reading this superb book I knew nothing of social media. What an eye opening education for me. The way you started small and then built to written exercises to encourage furtherance of the material was perfect. This opened my mind to the success that is in front of me. A must-have for any business looking to reach that next higher level–then continues higher levels after.

~ Kit

Really Does Solve the Social Media Puzzle
Are you using social media to promote your business?

It’s absolutely necessary for businesses to learn how to use social media effectively, if they are serious about promoting their businesses online, as it can help generate leads and customers. This might seem like a really hard task, but it can be simplified by reading, “Solving the Social Media Puzzle.”

Apryl’s a fantastic writer and a brilliant social media marketer. Both of these skills come together really well in this book. As it is well written and contains everything one needs to know about using social media for attracting and engaging customers. Whether you’re new to social media or are an expert you will find this book helpful.

~ Mit Ray